Life didn’t go your way: Don’t pull your hair out.

Do you know that feeling? When you want something to work so badly.. but no matter how you re- arrange the puzzle pieces the final picture just doesn’t match up?

A job opportunity, an experience, a friendship, a relationship, sometimes no matter how badly we want something to work, no matter how AMAZING the ideal scenario looks in our head.. life just doesn’t work the way we want it to. In the moment it feels like the world is crashing.

I’ve been there, done that. It’s a hard pill to swallow, as selfish as it sounds.. when life doesn’t go the way you planned. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach like we have failed, that we have sacrificed that ultimate picture we had in our head of how our life is suppose to work out. What now? Where now? Who now? it feels so defeating and depleting.

The past year was a tough lessoned learned for me, when life takes you a completely different direction than you had mapped in your mind. It’s a feeling of being completely lost, and for a moment, feeling like you’re never going to get back on the route your suppose to be on. CHANGE. That big word we all fear- it’s going to happen. Whether we like it or not, change is going to creep up and it’s going to rock our world. Everything can, and will change. It’s OK embrace it. It may just be the best change of your life.

I’m here to tell you something. The biggest lesson I have recently learned is there is ALWAYS a road for you, even when it feels like there is NO road for you. Even if it’s not the route you had planned, there is always a road paved for you with something bigger and better in store than you had ever planned or imagined. What you wanted to workout, didn’t work happen for a reason. It may take patience, it may take some finding yourself, it may take sacrificing some things, or ideas you really wanted to work out. Do not be discouraged… I mean- the best road trips are the long ones that take us to great destinations right?!? Just because something does not work out in your favor currently, doesn’t mean it will never work out.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to sit back and enjoy the ride. Enjoy where you are at- right now, trust the process, the big man upstairs, and know that everything works out the way it’s suppose to.. when it’s suppose to. You’re on the road you are suppose to be on, and even if it may feel a little wild right now- your time is coming. Keep an open heart, an open mind, and trust your road. The final destination is far better than the pit stop you made to get there.



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Hi there! My name is Kennedy and I am a small town Michigan girl who loves fashion, food, traveling, and Tequilllaaaa! I am 22 years old, a college student, and someone looking to inspire and uplift others. Welcome!

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