The switch up: My road to a happier, healthier me.

So a couple of days I posted a transformation photo on my Instagram story of last summer to this summer, where I have lost over 25 pounds. *pictured below*

Most have told me “Kennedy you looked good then, you look good now”, or “where did you lose it?” But this small change in my life has felt like a boulder being lifted off of my shoulders and I have never felt better. There is a huge life shift, that comes with truly loving where you are at.

Warning this post is about to get real raw. This isn’t going to be a *HOW TO LOSE 25 POUNDS IN A MONTH SECRET FORMULA* if you are here for that reason you might want to exit now. This is meant to make you truly think about your life, and motivate you to WANT to make changes for the right reasons, instead of a temporary fix to a permanent problem.

I kind of touched on this subject before on my IG stories, but I truly feel that getting in touch with yourself, and losing emotional weight has a direct correlation with being happy with your body and losing PHYSICAL weight as well. By this I mean, ditching toxic friendships, ending dead relationships, saying no to things that feel like a constant burden, quitting a job you’re not happy at, etc. (anything weighing you down) Ask yourself, are you surrounding yourself with people that lift you up? that make you better? Does your partner bring out the best version of you? Are you truly doing what makes you happy.. or instead does life constantly feel like a chore?

For a long time, I would try to “get in shape” for the wrong reasons. I wanted that perfect Instagram body- that just wasn’t realistic for me, and the result was never being happy with how I looked physically because I wasn’t happy mentally. Up until college I was always a size 0 and never over 110 pounds. As I matured more and grew into my “woman” body, I started to get curvier, which wasn’t a bad thing, but I didn’t know how to accept this change. I ate terribly, which only made it 10x worse.  I also started taking a new medication that came along with 15 unwanted pounds. That felt like the cherry on top of the cake for me. I felt so lost and didn’t know where to start.


I would go to the gym and get on the bike for an hour and sweat my butt off, to only feel like I was making NO progress. However, what I hadn’t realized at that point is I needed to clean out my storage closet before I could actually start organizing myself into who I truly wanted to be. Clean my storage closet??? What the hell does that mean? Think of it as spring cleaning.. on yourself. If you were truly cleaning out your storage closet, wouldn’t you want to get rid of the junk first before putting everything else into its place? Our lives work the same. You can try SO hard to get your life in order, but if you don’t first address and clean out the junk, get rid of the unnecessary belongings (people), you aren’t going to make any progress on yourself that’s going to be permanent. We ARE storage closets. We pile so much things up in our lives, we clutter, and if we don’t clean out our storage closets, our lives turn into one large mess we can’t navigate clearly through. A broken record, that is just going to keep replaying until you decide to manage the mess.

So how did I go about cleaning out my own storage closet? I realized there was much deeper reasons to my current weight– then just not doing the right things at the gym. I didn’t feel good at the gym, because I didn’t like myself internally. I didn’t like my current position in life, which made it extremely hard for me to want to work towards anything that was ever going to be permanent. I held a huge mirror up to my life, addressed my flaws- and decided to recreate myself. Into a much better version, that I actually liked. This started with first taking a close look at the people in my life, and whether or not they were improving me, or bringing out this version of me I no longer wanted to associate with. Think of when you are actually cleaning your closet, and you hold up something you NEVER wear, and try to make an excuse for keeping it when you know it needs to go. People are the same way, if you are only finding a couple of reasons to keep someone around, vs. TONS of reasons to move along.. you need to do what’s best for you and let it go.

I started standing my ground, saying no, and doing what actually made me happy instead of what I “felt” I always needed to do. Especially based on the opinions of others. I truly put me first, for once and I’ve never felt so much clarity. “CHANGE: it is not only okay, but necessary for your growth to carry on the rest of the way.”


There always comes a point in our lives, where we just get too dang comfortable.. we are ALL guilty. Sometimes we do it subconsciously and don’t even realize how bad it’s gotten, but we just let the norm be the norm. We should ALWAYS be challenging ourselves. We should always be asking ourselves to rise up. Purpose fuels passion.


You’ve got to play with the cards you were dealt.

Like I said before, a huge problem I use to have was working towards an unrealistic goal. Love what the good lord gave ya- it’s about enhancing what we have.. instead of trying to make ourselves something we aren’t. I am a curvy girl, and I’ve learned to love and enhance what I’ve got.. instead of change everything I once “hated”.


Most of you are probably here for some magical plan that will make you shrink your tummy and give you a raging 6 pack- but I don’t have it! After I started making some serious changes in my life I then began to actually enjoy working out. It was more of a hobby than a chore to me, knowing I got a little time and peace to to myself to work on myself everyday. It no longer felt like an UGH, I have to go to the gym today, and more of a burst of energy like “OH! I get to work on myself today”. Change in attitude is everything. Instead of, “Ew I have to go to the gym” how about ” I get to go improve myself today!”

Y’all have known from day 1, homegirl doesn’t enjoy cardio. I don’t run (unless it’s for McDonalds- haha). I still don’t incorporate a ton of cardio in my workouts. I start each workout with a 10 minute run to get my heart pumping, and do a couple of HIIT workouts from YouTube.. but other than that I credit most of my toning to incorporating weights in my workouts. Using weights has been a huge change for me in my legs and stomach area. You can find a ton of these workouts on Instagram in the explore page under fitness, or on YouTube. I don’t follow a specific workout plan or meal plan, but following and learning from videos has REALLY helped get into an actual routine! (instead of feeling like a lost puppy at the gym and wasting time there.) I think when you go in and follow a video, you stop worrying about what everyone else around you at the gym is doing- which some people struggle with.


As food goes, I still enjoy myself A LOT- lol. I don’t count macros, I don’t weigh out my food or tell myself what I can and can’t have daily. If I want cheese fries- I’m going to have cheese fries. The change for me has just been portion control, and trying to eat healthier or at home more often. Working at an office job I always felt the need to order out lunch, and I try to never do that much anymore. Also same goes for dinner, I try to make better choices instead of the lazy choice. As a wise friend once told me, eating is like a batting average- as long as you are eating good most of the time the few splurges are totally OKAY! I love Pinterest for trying new recipes! I also do try to follow intermittent fasting, which I’ve found very beneficial. I was never a huge breakfast eater, so I try to only eat between the hours of 12-7 or 12-8. This has really helped me regulate my cravings, and ditch the little voice inside my head constantly telling me I was hungry.

5. Do it for YOU

At the end of the day, you are only going to make a change in yourself- if you want it for yourself and no one else. Be accountable for you, and start holding the mirror up to your own life. RUN with the idea that nothing can stop you. Take massive imperfect steps toward your goals. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but nothing worth having comes that easy. But dang does the challenge feel GOOD!

Get workin’ on you.



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Hi there! My name is Kennedy and I am a small town Michigan girl who loves fashion, food, traveling, and Tequilllaaaa! I am 22 years old, a college student, and someone looking to inspire and uplift others. Welcome!

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