Formula 10.0.6 Pass or Purchase?

Over the past week, I have been giving Formula 10.0.6 a try and I must say.. I’m absolutely in love. 

I am a sucker for a good face mask, and especially a peel because let’s face it they feel AMAZING. I was obsessed with both the “Draw It all Out” and “Sea Side Glow” peel mask. I have tried other peel masks in the past, however I found they made me break out..oddly. I have tried these peel masks several times since I received them, and have only noticed a positive change in my skin! I am literally glowing and my face feels so good and hydrated. I love to throw them on after a long day and a hot shower, it is so relaxing. A good face mask is SO important!

As for the bubble mask, my skin felt so clean and refreshed after I used it!

The spray toner is AMMMMAZING, and leaves my face feeling so dewy and new. It also smells incredible which is a bonus. After using this for a week, I have definitely noticed an improvement in the overall brightness of my skin. Paired with the “Be Berry Juicy” moisturizer this combo is literally a match made in heaven.

My skin has REALLY been thanking me this week thanks to these new amazing products! I would definitely purchase and recommend them to you all! Go treat yourself and have an amazing spa night- and maybe a bowl of ice cream😉 You can check these out at your local Ulta!

As always if you have any questions about this skincare, or anything else please feel free to email me or reach out on Instagram. I love chatting with you guys!




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