Review: Not Your Mothers

I was SO excited when I received a package from Not Your Mothers– I seriously love their hair care. It is so affordable, conveniently located almost everywhere, and works like a CHARM! They sent me a few products to try out for you guys- so I wanted to share my reviews on each.

Blonde Moments Shampoo and Conditioner– I normally don’t buy drugstore purple shampoo and conditioner, because the violet pigments aren’t normally strong enough but this stuff is great! It is the perfect shade of lavender to really tone out the brassiness in my blonde locks. (The darker the better, and this is DARK!)

Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler- This was my favorite out of all of the products! It left my hair so soft and detangled after showering and smells AMAZING. My hair gets super knotted easily in the back especially after washing so this stuff hit home!

Repair+ Protect Leave In Conditioner– I loooove a good leave in conditioner and this one did not fall short of my expectations. I LOVE that it is 100% FREE OF
SULFATES • SILICONES • PHTHALATES• PARABENS • GLUTEN • SYNTHETIC DYES and that it is meant to not only repair but also protect! I love the way this made my hair feel.. definitely would repurchase!

If you are looking for great hair care, at an even better price- NYM is the way to go!




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Hi there! My name is Kennedy and I am a small town Michigan girl who loves fashion, food, traveling, and Tequilllaaaa! I am 22 years old, a college student, and someone looking to inspire and uplift others. Welcome!

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