Cowen Enterprise: Skincare Review

I am sure by now if you have been following along with my Instagram, you have seen me mention Cowen Enterprise Skincare a time or two. I have been testing out these skin care products for a couple of months now to give you guys a true honest review of how they impacted my skin. I tested a couple different products from their skincare line and I am going to breakdown and share my thoughts on each one below:


Bio- Gold Crystal Eye Cream- 

To be honest, an eye cream wouldn’t be the first thing on my mind for skincare purchasing prior to trying this.. but let me tell you it is actually a life changer! This eye cream contains bio- gold, and Vitamin E to diminish dark eye circles, and puffiness (which I often suffer from) I love the way it lifts and brightens my eyes, and it feels and smells amazing too.


Bio- Gold Crystal Grape Day and Night Cream- 

This was hands down my favorite product! I apply this every single morning and night after washing my face and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh, new, and hydrated. My skin has seriously never felt so silky and soft than after using this cream!

Cactus20 Repairing Serum- 

My skin felt overall brighter and firmer after using this product. It offered a ton of hydration, and I like to use it when my skin is feeling very dull and needs a pick-me-up. My skin seriously sucks this stuff right up!

Dead Sea Mud Mask- 

I was so excited to do this mask that I forgot to take a picture of it on, which is okay because I looked very similar to Darth Vader.. BUT I was obsessed was the results after this mask! I was GLOWWWWING for days, and my skin thanked me big time.

All and All– I would definitely recommend Cowen Enterprise for anyone looking for some awesome hydrating, rejuvenating, and revitalizing skin care products. I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin, from my shrinking pores, to the new found “glow” I can now rock every single day. I can’t wait to try some more of their products and continue to let you guys know how awesome #teamcowen is!



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