Re- Decorating Challenge & New Bed

To start of this new year, I challenged myself to re-decorate my bedroom for under $150.  I was prepping for my new Lull bed, and had to get a new comforter anyways, so I just decided to change up the whole room. We also just moved into a bigger place so I was so excited for change!

I decided to shop at Marshall’s, because I knew the after-holiday sales would be amazing, which they were. This is what I grabbed:


First thing I picked up was a new comforter set. We previously always had pattern comforters so this time I grabbed something plain and simple. This set was $40 and came with the sheet set, 4 pillow covers, and decorative pillows! It was clearanced to the previous $69 price. SCORE


I also added some small decor to the side tables along my bedside with faux flowers. These were my favorite find, they were in beautiful glass vases for $5 a piece and added a cute pop of color everywhere I placed them. Marshall’s had so many different kinds, in all different vases and colors. I also had to grab a fur area rug, it was a must.

For my Vanity, I just added some new wall decor. These were $9.99 a piece, and I’m currently playing around with more storage for all my beauty goodies.


And now for the new bed…

Lull sent me a new Queen size memory foam mattress, and I was SO excited about it! We previously had a full that we brought from home and it was sooooo small and crowded. We absolutely LOVE our new bed! It is so comfy and the memory foam is amazing, so thank you Lull! You can go to to get $50 off your own new bed



I have an un-boxing video up on my Instagram highlights so you can see how wonderful and easy it is!



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