Travel with me: Trip to Florida

I am so excited to write this blog, I had so much fun in florida! I’m currently typing this from my heated blanket in my cold Michigan apartment (BOO!) and already reminiscing on sand and sunshine. I will be sharing all of the things we did in Florida, my highly asked about bathing suits, and some essentials I took with me.

So the day we left we hopped on a plane from freezing Michigan to head to Orlando. I am so grateful my parents still plan trips that coordinate with college breaks, so that I am able to join. I like to travel comfy in the airport, who wants to sit in jeans on an airplane?! Crazy people, that’s who. I found this whole outfit at TJ Maxx the day before we left for under $70, shoes included (which are nike). SCORE!


We stay at a timeshare in Florida that we get to go to every other year, we were headed to Orlando first because we couldn’t check in for a couple of days. We were told we were just going to be staying the first couple of nights “close to the airport” until our timeshare was ready but little did we know we were in for a christmas surprise..


My parents surprised us with tickets to Discovery Cove, which also came with tickets to Aquatica, and Seaworld. My sister had been dying to swim with the dolphins for years, and we were so excited!


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So the first day, we spent at Aquatica, splashing around the waterpark. My favorite part was the waterslide that took you through a clear tube into a dolphin enclosure where you felt like you were literally inside a cave with the dolphins. The next day, we headed to Discovery Cove, which was my favorite part of the trip!



We got to spend the day relaxing on their beaches, snorkeling through all kinds of reefs, and swimming one on one with a dolphin! We started the day at the reefs snorkeling with all kinds of fish, stingrays, and even got to get up close with some sharks (with the courtesy of some thick glass- LOL). I had been snorkeling before on a couple of cruises, and never really got to see much, but this was a whole different experience. We were floating among huge schools of fish, and huge sting rays in beautiful reefs. Discovery cove offered all kinds of complimentary frozen beverages, snacks, and a lunch buffet too! After lunch, and floating in the lazy river with some otters, we got to swim with a sweet dolphin named Stella.



After discovery cove we ended our time in Orlando, and headed to our timeshare in Port Canaveral, FL. We spent our time at our resort really relaxing, soaking up the sun, surfing, and eating good (realllly good) I might have gained 10 pounds.




We had access to beach rentals, and played around with the surfboard even though I was completely terrified jaws was lurking. We met a little girl named Jessie who was 5 years old (the rental owners daughter), and she was adamant about teaching me how to surf. She taught me much more than just “how to ride a wave”, with her amazing joy and innocence about life.  She was down at the beach every single day we were including Christmas eve, and Christmas from sun up to down. She never once complained about coming to work with her dad, instead of enjoying her holiday at home like most kids. When I asked her if she enjoyed coming to the beach, she replied “life is so beautiful isn’t it?!” She just jumped around the ocean with the biggest smile on her face, and told me she might possibly be a mermaid.  She was seriously the most beautiful little soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, so thank you Jessie for reminding me to enjoy the smallest things in life. 



So for those of you just wondering about the suits…..

I decided this trip I wasn’t going to splurge on a ton of expensive suits. I have this weird habit where I don’t like to wear the same suits a million times, and often find myself buying new ones. So for most of my suits on this trip, they were under $16 unless they were old or gifted to me.

1.) The first suit I wore was actually gifted to me from Sea Breeze Swim, this is in the style “beetle juice” and is $47 for the top, which I paired with black bottoms for mix match.  Shop here:


2.) This was the most asked about Bikini from my trip, and the cheapest. I love the top, but the bottoms were way to cheeky for me so I paired them with some white bottoms. This set was $10 from ROMWE, which I love ordering bathing suits off of. Beware, since they are cheaper, they take a little while to come, and you MUST order several sizes up (Large for me). If you only order bikinis from this site, it comes faster than ordering with clothes.  I order a ton of suits from this site, since I mentioned I get sick of wearing the same suits and they are all around $12 or less. You can shop this one here:


3.) I looooooooved this one piece. It was so flattering, and had the cutest tie in the back to make a perfect little bow. It’s also a score for $16 on amazon, I ordered a medium. (By the way, you can find super cute stuff on Amazon!) Shop it here:


4.) Another amazon score was this palm tree bikini, another favorite of mine (these were both prime too by the way and came in 2 days right before my trip!) This one was $12 and you can shop it here:



Some other essentials I brought along: 


I started my base tan for Florida with my favorite self tanner, Tan Ceuticals. I’m obsessed with these because they have two separate formulas for your face and body. My face hardly tans, and doesn’t hold a tan so this is perfect for me before traveling, and after when my whole body is dark and my face turns white again. Shop here:


I don’t go ANYWHERE without this power bio-gold duo! My skin has never thanked me more since I started using my Cowen Enterprise products. The grape day and night cream is my absolute favorite and keeps my skin feeling so refreshed and glowing. Shop:

and last but not least..


I did not want to lug around a ton of hair products, weighing down my suitcase. These hair capsules by Remilia did everything I needed for my trip, in one little bottle- How convenient! 

If you have any questions about these products, or swimsuits, as always please don’t hesitate to email me under my “Contact” page, or through instagram.



*Disclaimer* Some of the products in this post may have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own and honest. 

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