Self Image and Loving Yourself

This is a topic every girl struggles with. We’ve all been there, we’ve all looked in the mirror and not liked what was staring back at us. No one is perfect, not a single person on this planet. We all go home take off our makeup, put our hair up in a rats nest above our head, with no filter to hide the imperfections. What most of us don’t understand while scrolling through social media, is that people only share their BEST selves. Their best pose, their best view, only what they approve. What we are constantly comparing our lives to, is everyones best to our worst. I am guilty too, just like everyone else of scrolling through my feed and wondering why I don’t have what someone else has. Entering the modeling world, and constantly taking pictures in the beginning made me feel like I needed to keep up and be “as pretty”,”as thin”, or as “hot” as others in the industry to stay talented. However that feeling did not last long. To be honest with you, I am a chicken wing, taco bell eating, gallon of ice cream with a spoon kind of gal. I love to come home and curl up in my heated blanket, binge watch tv, and eat a half of bag of pizza rolls. That is what makes ME happy. What I learned to keep myself happy and healthy, is balance. I am in no way shape or form, a fitness guru. Heck, I go to the gym for 15 minutes and check for newly formed abs. However when I am putting junk in my body, I go to the gym and work it off. When I am having a bad skin day, or just feel plain gross, I will come home and take care of myself first. I will do a face mask, or take a bubble bath, and give myself some good ole’ TLC. It is all about putting you first. What I have learned throughout the years, is some people truly don’t really want you to like yourself. Society profits from self doubt, and liking yourself is a rebellious act. Where I set myself apart, is LOVING myself. I just like everyone else, have my bad days. But when I step into a studio and start doing my thing, I feel absolutely beautiful. The other day I did my first “bikini” shoot, and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I didn’t feel like I compared to others who did shoots like that regularly, but I had confidence in myself and had fun. Upon receiving my pictures back the photographer (one of the best known from the area), told me that I really impressed him, that I killed it, and that he would love to keep consistently working with me which he rarely offers to other models. In that moment, I realized being confident in ourselves, and loving us for who we truly are, and not what we want ourselves to be is what truly takes us places. I never thought in a million years that at twenty years old I would be posing for pictures, sharing my life with people, and promoting brands, but I am so happy with how far I have come in such a short time. What I am here to tell you, is anyone is capable of anything they want to do, if you truly want it, there’s little you won’t be able to accomplish in this world. Wake up and love yourself every single day for who YOU are, and do not for one second compare yourself to anyone else. Be twice as powerful as you think you are, stop being hard on yourself, stop trying to change yourself, and let go of anything or anyone who isn’t clapping for you on your journey.

“The most important thing you will ever do in your life is learn to embrace your unique, honest self. A boundless, infinitely populated universe and there is nothing else here quite like you. This is your super power. All of those things that make you strange and different are what make you irreplaceable.” – Beau Taplin



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Hi there! My name is Kennedy and I am a small town Michigan girl who loves fashion, food, traveling, and Tequilllaaaa! I am 22 years old, a college student, and someone looking to inspire and uplift others. Welcome!

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