I N T R O – T H A N K   Y O U 

Hi! My name is Kennedy, and I am a 20 year old blogger/ social media influencer. I started blogging in 2016, and started pursuing modeling and photography in 2017. Over the year, I have started to work with brands through Instagram which I really enjoy. I picked up a camera for the first time last year, and am obsessed with creating. I love having the platform to encourage other women to follow their passion, and to freely express it in a world who wants you to be like everyone else. I have always felt strongly that being different, or veering a different direction than the crowd is your SUPER POWER. I read in a book once “Some women fear the fire, and some simply become it“- R.h Sin. I am so grateful for everyone who follows along with me, and supports my crazy blogging journey.

M Y  L I F E 

I am a Junior at Western Michigan University studying Marketing. I have had several different jobs and internships, but currently I am a leasing consultant for an apartment complex in my college town. When not busy with school or work, I am either doing photoshoots, impulse shopping, or eating out (oops). I have an amazing family, and boyfriend. I met Brendan my Sophomore year of high school, and we have been dating ever since (5 1/2 years). We have had our ups and downs, but he has taught me more about myself than anyone ever could. He is my biggest supporter, and #1 fan in ANYTHING that I do. He calls me out when I am wrong, gives me a run for my money when I am right- and most importantly pushes me to be the best me. Brendan is studying to hopefully someday be a surgeon, and is so passionate about working in the hospital. Every time he comes home from work he always has a crazy trauma story to tell me, and I love seeing him so excited about what he does.



We have the SWEETEST lab mix with the BIGGEST personality. She weighs in at only about 30/35 pounds, but she definitely believes she is human. She watches chick flicks, occasionally talks, and likes to snuggle anywhere inconvenient. She keeps us busy, and always entertained.


P L A N S 

I hope to continue to model,  and to grow with my blog and photography. I love creating art, and have yet to meet a photographer that hasn’t impacted me in an extremely positive way. I love meeting other influencer friends, and would love to work in a big city along the lines of marketing/ social media/ PR. For now, I’m enjoying being young and letting life take me in the direction I’m suppose to go.


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Hi there! My name is Kennedy and I am a small town Michigan girl who loves fashion, food, traveling, and Tequilllaaaa! I am 22 years old, a college student, and someone looking to inspire and uplift others. Welcome!

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